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Free shipping over $150 - Free shipping Gold Coast. After Pay Available
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HomeLy Story

We are a Chilean couple who arrived to the Gold Coast in 2018 in search of new cultures, learning and experiences.

After 3 years living in this paradise and experiencing a difficult economic situation during the CoVID-19 period, we decided to establish our own business, having a long history and experience in this area in our country.
For us our main motivation is deliver comfort, high quality, and low prices to our customer. In addition to provide personalized attention, making a successful buying / selling experience for both sides.


 Why HomeLy?
We chose HomeLy, with a capital L, because in addition to providing a cozy sense of home, for us it means Home-Family = HomeLy.
This difficult year being long hours at home, becoming a workplace and also a family, the most important thing was to invest in the comfort of the home, whether in decoration, lighting, ventilation, cleaning and green spaces.
How pleasant it is to be in a pleasant environment to share with the family! This is what we are determined to give you. 
 Our Mission
Make people's aspirations and dreams possible, improve their quality of life at home and exceed their expectations through a quality offer, accessible prices and a variety of products.
Be a company known to the citizens of the Gold Coast, and transform our clients as HomeLy-Lovers.