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What a joy to buy new towels! But what a disappointment, when wash after wash they age before their time. That is why and to prolong its useful life is that we prepare these useful tips. Take notes and learn how to wash your towels like an expert.

 The first thing to know is that all the care instructions are on the labels. Following these instructions especially in the first 3 washes is imperative so that your towels remain impeccable over time.


What should you do?

 1. Wash your towels before using them for the first time.


2. Wash your towels with clothes of similar colors.


3. Wash your towels with water between 30 to 40 degrees. This will kill bacteria without damaging the fibers.


4. Use the washing machine with a full load but with enough space to wash and rinse. Do not wash if the weight of the items is less than half the capacity of the washing machine.


5. Use detergents without oxygen-based bleaches, or optical brighteners, to ensure that the original colours are not significantly altered throughout the life of your towels.


6. If you use fabric softener, it is preferable to use minimal amounts so as not to decrease the absorption of your towels.


7. It is preferable to air dry towels to completely remove moisture. Only for white towels is contact with the sun's rays good, since they have a level of bleaching power.


8. If you use a dryer, consider the full load as with the wash and medium to low temperature to take care of the fibers. Also, be sure not to overuse the dryer, as excessive heat wears them down.

With these tips we assure you that you will keep your towels in the best way, enjoying maximum softness and an unbeatable drying experience for much longer.